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Playstation – A Closer Look

Written By: Nikki - Dec• 13•13

The Playstation 4 launch date is fast approaching and everyone is waiting anxiously. This certain gaming console is supposed to be the best that has actually ever struck the market. The only issue is no one actually knows precisely when it is going to get right here. Some have asserted around Thanksgiving or Christmas time in 2011 while others are thinking late 2012.

The reality of the matter is it depends on the big kids, Sony, regarding when they are going to let everyone know when the Playstation 4 release date is, not the players of the world. As the world awaits this phenomenal console to come out, Sony is remaining to push the computer game developers to come up with a period.

Let’s widen the topic

It kind of makes you question exactly what these men are up. Who would have thought that they could beat the Playstation 3? The Playstation 3 was already one of a kind with its 320GB ability drive, superb graphics, and the basic fact that it was Blue-Ray. Seriously, what other surprises does the Sony maker’s have up their sleeve? Makes you wonder does not it? There has likewise been speculation that Ken Kutargi, the creator, has actually mentioned that there were strategies for even a Playstation 5 and 6, exactly how’s that for insane.

Playstation – Continued

The distressed arrival of the Playstation 4 launch date is hidden from everybody. All we understand is it will be here soon and there will be a purchasing craze as quickly as it strikes the neighborhood retail stores.

As crazy as it may sound, the Playstation 4 release date has fluctuated between late 2011 and 2012, however who truly knows? Makes you question if Sony even understands. There is one question that still is circling among gamers though, is this a real release date or is that when the testing begins. Sony is well known for doing this, and if that holds true, you can bet that it might be longer than we all expect.

For those of you that might be able to remember back to 1995 when the initial Playstation went international, if you will dig a little much deeper you would know that in 1994 Japan was already trying it out. In 2000 Playstation 2 was launched but just a million customers had access to it. Followed up by the Playstation 3 about 6 years later on which altered the way we look at gaming for life.

If we go by what Sony finished with the third generation console, well that would imply that 2012 would be about the time for a new one. Indeed there are lots of speculations, only Sony knows when the actual Playstation 4 launch date is.

Organize Your Projects with To-Do List Software

Written By: Rita - Oct• 30•13

organizationofteamOver the past few months I’ve seen a few start-up companies fail. They fail because of many reasons, but the one thing consistent amongst each of them is their inability to organize and make sure everyone is one the right track, working towards the same goals for the same timeline. In other words… no one had a clear understanding of what the other was doing.

I’ve been there, felt the same way and know what its like to feel like you’ve wasted time, are on the wrong tracks or are hacking away at something and not seeing results. It sucks. The biggest tip I could give anyone feeling this way is organize your to-do list amongst the team, prioritize, hold each other accountable and set timelines.

Enter Trello.

Trello is the to-do list extraordinaire. I use it everyday, and I know quite a few start-up companies that do as well. Its just unbelievable. Even if you are a consultant you can create different boards for different projects, create different organizations for each client… you can even put it all on a beautiful little calendar that can be exported to your everyday calendar, easily shared and/or printed. I mean really.. what more can you ask for?

There are also other companies like Any.Do. I tried this one as well, it did the job but I find it a lot more complex and more complicated than I needed. Sometimes I like the abundance of options, other times I just want a piece of technology to do one thing, and do it well . Any.Do just had too much going on. Having said that, if you like all the options, want to play around with the software for a while and really figure out how you can use it to maximize the benefits … I encourage you! (and then please let me know how you decided to do this).

It’s really not about what software you used so much as HOW you use it. When you invest the time in finding your process and how you want to organize with your team, you will see such a big difference. Seriously, I really feel like success depends on organization and perfect execution of your to-do’s.

I found my way… and I’ll never go back.

What is the Verdict Then?

Written By: Art - Oct• 05•13


The most ferocious competition in mobile market is on its verge. The rivals are our very own Apple 5S and Samsung S4. Well, in my opinion both portray the supreme effort of their manufacturers. Both are immensely popular and well-like by public; yet both are incredibly distinctive.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the current king of standard-sized Android handsets, the 5 inches screen is undoubtedly an edge! It has the larger, sharper screen; the performance has improved since S3, a 13 MP camera, and the latest version of Samsung’s Android presentation layer, TouchWiz are unquestionably luring people to get a grab on this piece of machinery.

iPhone 5S takes last year’s smash hit to a new level. It has the first 64 bit mobile processor – the Apple A7 – the Apple M7 motion coprocessor, a much improved 8 MP iSight camera, increased LTE support, and the Touch ID fingerprint identity sensor. Phone 5S works with double the speed of last year’s already fast model. It has a 4 inch screen, but it also has the newly redesigned iOS 7, which is not just a highly appreciated design for Apple, but for the entire industry too. Apple called its iPhone 5S the most forward-thinking iPhone ever.

What is the verdict then? A question most different to answer! Well, if you need a bigger screen for watching videos, palying your favorite games and running high quality heavy apps, then Galaxy S4 is your thing.

Or if you need an iOS 7 running phone, app store and Apple stores then go buy your iPhone 5S.

Samsung S3 vs Samsung S4

Written By: Art - Sep• 22•13



overall the two phones are pretty much the same size. The visible difference is the thickness – the S4 is slightly thinner – but the width and height are pretty much the same. The S4 is also lighter, but marginally. the two newest members of the Galaxy S family don’t look all that different. Samsung tends to take a bit of a bashing for its use of plastic but, unperturbed, it has continued this trend with the S4. That being said, it has worked to make the S4 look a little classier than its predecessor. The back cover has a different dotted pattern (which does, however, makes the handset look grippier than it actually is) overall the S4 has a sleeker look.


Samsung has doubled the RAM in the S4 to 2GB and it’s also has increased the handset’s processing power. There are two versions of the S4, but the one that we discuss here Is that which has a quad-core processor. The other has an octa-core processor and is only available in certain markets.


For most, the change in processing power won’t make a huge difference – it’s mainly for different activities such as gaming that you’ll need it. Even then, it’s only resource heavy games that’ll see the benefits – the likes of Angry Birds don’t need so much power.

The S4 battery has a big capacity that’s almost 25% larger than that of the S3. Once again this is an impressive design feat considering that Samsung has made the overall dimensions of the handset smaller.


First of all, there’s a big spec fault when it comes to the sensor – 13MP on the S4 compared to 8MP on the S3. There’s no denying that the S4 is one of the best camera phones out there and you won’t be disappointed by the quality that it produces.


Samsung has also added some impressive software features to the camera of the S4. The majority of these will likely be rolled out to the S3 in an update at some point, but for the time being they’re exclusive only to the S4


Google Glass

Written By: Art - Sep• 16•13

Google Glass is one of those gadgets every technophile craves for. The ability to capture what you see, instantaneous information right in front of your eyes, a computer obeying your voice commands, and the power of a computer that too almost hands free.

The Google Glass is a wearable computer, running Android Operating System with the display projected on the glass of the spectacle. The display Google Glass offers is almost equal to a 25 inch HD display eight feet away.

Boasting a 5 megapixel camera with a video recording of 720p, the Google Glass is the ultimate recording tool for everyday activities. Wearing a Google Glass you can track and record any task you are doing, like homework or repairing something. Or any other activity you might want to record in a very good quality video.

The Google Glass has unique speakers. instead of conventional speaker, Google Glass uses a Bone Conduction Transducer, transmitting sound into the skull bone and thus enabling us to hear audio.

If you want to connect the Google glass with other devices, you can use bluetooth and wifi device for that purpose. The storage capacity of Google Glass is 12 Gb and the battery lasts almost a day and  is usually dependent on the amount and mode of usage. Battery hungry apps like video calls and recording drain the battery a lot faster than expected.

As Google has introduced this device recently a lot of improvement and enhancements are required and the overall experience can be greatly amplified.